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Thanks in advance for submitting a custom order request form! This form goes directly to my inbox. I’ll reply within 1-2 business days with any questions I may have as well as a quote and timeline for your project. A few things to note: I work on a first-pay-first-serve basis, so an order isn’t considered placed until it’s been paid for (PayPal or Square Cash). Depending on size and surface, custom pieces tend to be $75-$200 on average but I like to give deals to folks who are ordering multiple pieces at once. Turn around times for custom pieces will vary based on my availability or how far in advance I’m already booked up. I’ll let you know the timeline for your project when I reply to this form so you won’t ever be wondering when it will get to you. Based on my availability, I may be able to accommodate a quicker turn around but will need to charge a 50% rush order fee in order to allow you to cut in front of folks who have already paid. I’m only able to do that a few times a month so that I can still honor all of the timelines I’ve guaranteed. I’m due with our second baby girl in May! Because of my maternity break, I cannot guarantee that any orders placed after March 1st will be completed before July (with or without a rush order fee). This custom order request form is not a legally binding contract, but simply a conversation started about your custom piece. I’m looking forward to doing some fun work for you!

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