Hi there! I’m Brynn.  

Everything you’ll see here is really a labor a love –

1 part Iced coffee
1 part World's messiest dining room table
1 part Punk music
3 parts Praying my daughters take long naps so I can paint

I’ve been creating art since I was a toddler. I still have fond memories of my mom keeping me quiet in church by having me trace drawings of flowers and practice different handwriting styles. This diversion soon became the key for my self-expression to highlight my love for everything weird, everything family, and everything home --

More than anything, I want my art to help others feel like they’ve just walked into grandma’s house. Small, cozy, and jam-packed with eclectic afghans. With just the right amount of irreverence.

Who DOESN'T want to be in a place like that? Where grandma pinches your cheek, and the aroma of Sunday dinner teases your senses.

Really, I hope to create an atmosphere where others to feel welcome. To create products that inspire acceptance. To help others love their weirdness, embrace their quirkiness, and give them courage to share themselves and their space with others.

I find inspiration in vintage children’s books, traditional Nordic rosemaling, old school tattoo art, botanical diagrams, my Scandinavian upbringing, and my rowdy punk days.

But I’m also inspired by living out everyday life with my husband, Ryan, and my daughters, Piper and Trulee – whether we’re eating tacos, road tripping, or having one of our nightly living room dance parties.

I currently offer custom artwork on vintage serve ware or canvas, as well as custom designs for event invites, and assorted custom illustration work.

I love working with clients who have fun and unique ideas! I’m honored that people choose me to illustrate their dearest things in my own visual tone of voice. It brings me boatloads of joy to create for you folks!